Teddy Bears Tent Picnic

Well the weather wasn’t ideal for our teddy bears picnic. Luckily teacher had a back up plan!

We made tents/dens in our classroom with our tables and chairs. We used sheets and blankets and cushions.

We were like bears in caves with all our friends. It was great fun!


Mini All-Ireland Competition

All week there have been mini Gaelic matches going on at breaktimes. All teams had players from Junior Infants up to 3rd class. It was a great way to mix and learn skills from older classes.

The final was on today, Galway vs Monaghan.

It was a very exciting match! We had a player on each team! 

Our supporters were ready 

We made flags for both teams!

The players were in a parade before the match started.

Our two players were very excited and seemed to enjoy playing a game of chasing during the match😊 once they were happy we were delighted to see them having so much fun!

It was a tight game with Monaghan coming out as the final winners.

The match was very delayed as it was a draw for so long. Apologies to all the parents who were waiting. We did expect the match and prize giving to be finished by 1.30. Like a typical All-Ireland final that was not the case!

Huge well done to all involved and to Joe, Ger, Ms Brady, Mr Moloney and Mr O Brien for organising the competition.

There were even Irish dancers there to entertain us at half time!

Well done to Monaghan who won and well done to Galway who were winning till the end.

We were very proud of our two players! They represented Junior Infants brilliantly!


A trip to the playground

As it’s close to the end of the year and the weather is so good, Junior Infants decided to take a trip to the playground.

The three classes went down to play.

Everyone was so good and played so nicely together. Hopefully if the weather is nice next week we’ll have another visit!


A visit to the garden

We had a great time visiting our school garden today.

Our school has won a prize for the best school garden in Bray. 

Ms. Garde was here today to show us all the wonderful things growing in it. Joe was there to give us tools to work in the garden.

Even Barbara from the Bray People arrived so keep an eye out for us in tomorrow’s edition.

We watered the plants. We harvested peas, radishes and strawberries. We went on a nature colour scavenger hunt. We even played hide and search with mini beasts.

It was a great day’s work!


Sand play

There’s no better way to stay cool than sand play. 

Our classroom is like a greenhouse so when it’s so sunny we need to take plenty of breaks outside. 

We were so good on Friday for our school tour we said as a great we’d play in the big yard sand pit in the yard.


School Tour

We had a FANTASTIC day in Glenroe and Zoom today. Everybody was amazingly behaved and had an absolutely ball!

Huge thank you to Lynn, Rachael and of course Zoe and Ms Farrell!

I think everyone’s favourite part of the farm was petting the animals and trying to feed them!